Political savvy
Being organisationally savvy is one means of enabling ourselves to navigate through tricky and challenging politics that are found within most companies. In the most basic terms, organisational savvy entails high-integrity, having a deeper understanding of how individuals, teams and organisations function, and being able to respond to these factors appropriately. Building sponsorship and managing...
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  Sonia says: When I set up EDIT development nearly six years ago I was unsure what we would become and more importantly how we would become it. The one thing I knew from my years in corporate life was that success comes from collaboration and building great relationships, and therefore that is what I...
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Team building
Are you actively encouraging diversity throughout your business? We look at some of the key issues, including language use, educating colleagues and enabling a diverse talent pipeline. The Diverseness of Diversity Diversity in the workplace can mean different things to different people depending on their perspective, whether it’s gender, ethnicity, age, religion, culture, disability or...
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