We change attitudes, build self-belief and transform the capabilities of people at work through our industry-leading learning experiences.

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We level-up live learning by delivering engaging experiences which are insightful, interactive, and emphasise call to action to impact individual thinking and behaviour. We work closely with our partners to identify learning methods and experiences that work best for their business and people.

In addition to facilitated learning experiences, EDIT has a large global network of inspiring speakers from sports, business and academia who collaborate with us to create events which are memorable and game changing. We have a range of experiential learning offerings suitable for small teams to audiences of thousands of people.

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A great way to engage wider audiences, our webinars and learning pods are interactive, pragmatic and can be run in real time or developed as downloads that you can host on your business platform. Our clients love the unique way we use technology to enable learning and our virtual learning solutions create the small nudges required to transform individual and team performance.

This can be combined with hybrid learning experiences, having some colleagues accessing the learning virtually and others in an in-person experience.

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Short and dynamic 30, 60 and 90 minute workshops which engage participants to challenge their thinking, their approach and their actions.

Why our clients love our espresso sessions:

  • Most people learn in bitesize chunks
  • They are ‘time savvy’ and can be used as part of a core learning solution or as one-off connectivity events
  • Sessions focus on one core topic to make a real impact
  • We can host up to 250 delegates in a session and deliver four espresso sessions in a day, making them highly cost effective
  • All our Espresso sessions support awareness, understanding and action

We have over 100 espresso sessions we deliver globally with new topics coming on board every month to keep up with latest thinking. Learn more here.

80% of our learning is through experience and knowledge sharing.

Peer learning sessions are short and focussed group action coaching sessions that aim to build a community to support problem solving, personal development and shared learning.

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As a leader, the world expects more from you, just as you expect more from the world. Executive coaching is a powerful tool, providing a safe space to reach your next level.

In our ever changing world, challenges are arriving at a greater speed and with greater complexity. For leaders, the ones we look to the most, we coach to bring out the best in them, so they can bring out the best in everyone else. We have a diverse team of inspirational coaches around the world who help individuals and teams to be their best selves.

We take a strength-based approach to coaching and pride ourselves on make life-changing impact on the people we work with.

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Driving development at all opportunities, our on-demand learning solutions allow participants to continue their growth at their own speed.

Solutions include short podcasts; recorded ‘in conversation with’ discussions, nudge videos on 14 hot topics, creation of story boards for eLearning, and ‘meetings in a box’, designed to support people managers in running their own high impact development sessions with their teams.

We partner with clients to develop bespoke on-demand learning solutions which best align with their culture and approach to development.

See a sample of one of our nudge videos here:
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Theatre forum provides a highly immersive and experiential way for audiences to understand and identify inclusive and non-inclusive behaviour. We have experience of delivering impactful theatre forum workshops with small teams to over 1000 people at a time.

Our theatre forum solutions can be run in person or virtually, and scenarios and character ‘inner dialogue’ demonstrated by actors either in situ or as recorded vignettes.

In addition to being an excellent way to engage your leaders and colleagues in the area of inclusive leadership, we also offer theatre forum as part of wider Leadership Development offering.

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