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We have over 60 espresso sessions we deliver globally with new topics coming on board every month to keep up with latest thinking.

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80% of our learning is through experience and knowledge sharing.

Peer learning sessions are short and focussed group action coaching sessions that aim to build a community to support problem solving, personal development and shared learning.

We have a diverse team of inspirational coaches who help individuals, teams and executives rise to challenges and up their game. We take a strength-based approach to coaching and pride ourselves on make life-changing impact on people.

Driving superior individual performance through cross-business peer mentoring.

The mentoring exchange was created, in collaboration with a number of our clients, to change the playing field of learning and leadership development. By partnering with our clients, we have built a unique cross-business peer mentoring platform to share knowledge and enable new ways to support, stretch and challenge individuals, teams and businesses.

It’s a 12-month programme with quarterly cohorts set up across the globe. The platform uses experiences, skills and preferences to match individuals of similar levels but from different organisations and industries to engage in a peer mentoring relationship.

EDIT’s hot topic sessions allow us to break down the information we are constantly bombarded with, helping individuals stay updated on latest global trends and future-proof techniques to stay competitive. We have over 50 hot topics to select from, looking at areas such as artificial intelligence, connectivity and future of work.

Pop-up learning offering to support large events and conferences.

EDIT have a large global network of inspiring speakers from sports, business and academia who collaborate with us to create experiences which are memorable and game changing. We have a range of experiential learning experiences suitable for small teams to audiences of 1000 people.

A great way to engage wider audiences, our webinars and learning pods are interactive, pragmatic and can be run in real time or developed as downloads that you can host on your business platform. Our clients love the unique way we use technology to enable learning and our virtual learning solutions create the small nudges required to transform performance.

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