EDIT keeps things real and relevant to enable, develop and inspire others to be the best they can be.


EDIT keeps things real and relevant to enable, develop and inspire others to be the best they can be.


We believe it’s the small positive choices, actions and behaviours that have the biggest impact. We partner with our clients to identify the behaviours that matter and work together to create and embed those into the culture.

Engaging, high-performance cultures are not built by one leader. They are developed through the entire workforce valuing psychological safety and role modelling inclusive behaviour, to deliver an exceptional customer and colleague experience.


We help our clients explore what’s important to them professionally and personally, enabling them to find the best authentic version of themselves. We support people to realise their unique potential through building self-belief, channelling strengths, and limiting derailment.

At EDIT  all of our work is underpinned by growth mindset. We work at all levels across an organisation to help individuals and teams to experiment, continuously learn, and develop.


We adopt a pay it forward approach in everything we do. EDIT facilitates our clients to embrace a pay it forward approach when they partner with us, providing a range of on demand learning for participants to share with others, either in their teams or in their wider local communities.

Pay it forward is embedded in the DNA of EDIT, and we believe every person can make a postive difference, if they are intentional. Multiply this by the millions of people we have worked with since we began in 2010, and together we have created a movement of challenge, allyship and empowerment.


Creating Inclusive Cultures
Creating equitable workplaces
Leadership Development
Developing to be future ready
Management Development
Individual Career Development
Outplacement Support

We are renowned for partnering with clients to create inclusive cultures, from engaging learning experiences on ‘Conscious Inclusion’, ‘Building Cultural Awareness’ and ‘Creating Psychological Safety’, through to measuring the culture and ‘pulse’ of the culture through audits.

We equip individuals, teams and organisations to gain a deep understanding of themselves, their biases, and how these impact beliefs and behaviours, often in ways that they have previously never noticed.

We work with our clients to ensure our inclusive culture solutions are bespoke and truly reflect the behaviours and realities of their workplace.

“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes” – Pablo Picasso

We are a market leader in supporting the development and career acceleration of underrepresented groups, this has been part of our offering since we founded in 2010, when our initial focus was around gender diversity.

We have coached and developed over 250,000 female leaders, to maximise their career potential. Our award-winning Strategies for Success, WEMPower, Bridge, Step Up and Step Forward programmes have been delivered around the world virtually, face-to-face, and as a hybrid hub solutions across a range of sectors.

Our career accelerator programmes extend to all diverse talent, with our Thrive, Reach Up and Reach Forward programmes working to increase the number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds into management and leadership roles.

We always work with the individual and the environment, ensuring that line manager engagement, and wider leadership sponsorship is part of any development programme.

The disruptive challenges we face today have never been so far-reaching, and so disorienting. From digital transformation to economic and health upheaval, to social and environmental change, the need for authentic and inclusive leadership, is our new normal.

We need leaders who can embrace complexity and uncertainty. Who will experiment and push boundaries. But being a leader in these times also demands empathy, compassion and understanding. We need leaders who can build trust. Leaders who listen and act. Leaders who can celebrate difference and unlock uniqueness, whilst accelerating collaboration.

At EDIT Development we support leaders with all of these challenges whether it be one to one, in teams or in live scenarios with their clients.

We are proud of the work we do with companies, supporting them with the tools to attract, retain and develop talent. Whether through diverse talent targeted programmes or more general programmes to boost pipeline, we focus on known high performance behaviours combined with future of work principles to support organisations in future-proofing their talent.

We offer consultancy support to build stronger talent pipelines on a bespoke basis, selecting the right culturally-sensitive approach to improving companies’ capacity to hire, develop, retain and promote individuals from all backgrounds.

We work with latest research on behaviours and neuroscience and leverage thought leadership to support our clients to be future ready.

A large part of what makes companies and organisations successful is how skilled, knowledgeable, and inclusive their people managers are. One of the biggest steps on our leadership journey is when we move from individual contributor to a first line people manager. Supporting the transition from being responsible for my own impact, to managing the impact of others can be a big leap for many.

At EDIT Development we offer transitional programmes for managers. From building confidence to coach in the moment to having honest conversations and hiring more inclusively, our programmes support first line managers to be more inclusive in the way they operate day to day, supporting them to be agile, practise growth mindset and leverage diversity to unlock peak performance.

Success means something different to all of us, everyone has different goals and priorities to work towards, and different challenges and obstacles to overcome. A coach might need to develop deeper curiosity and empathy. A trusted advisor may need to get better at growth mindset and having honest conversations.

It starts with building self-awareness, helping individuals to understand strengths and limitations, it builds with support them to understand their impact, and moves forward with conscious intention to work on areas that help them to fulfil their potential.

Faced with the complexities and demands of the modern workplace, we need to manage work life integration, learn tools that work uniquely to sustain our resilience levels and manage our overall personal wellbeing.

At EDIT Development we support individual career development through a range of over 100 Espresso sessions, through on demand learning and through one-to-one coaching.

We pride ourselves in tailoring our approach to specifically meet the unique needs of each team and organisation. All our work involves an element of consultancy to this degree, but we also offer more in-depth consultancy to support exploration and offer suggestions across a myriad of areas.

We offer design thinking to spark innovation in programming and have expertise to design bespoke 360 feedback items and behavioural frameworks.

We recognise that as the world changes so do organisations and their workforce needs. We partner with organisations and teams during times of restructure, to support those who are impacted by the changes – whether it be the People and Culture function, or the wider business.

We offer skills development support for managers and leaders to manage change with compassion, empathy and transparency. We also work with those directly impacted by redundancy through one to one coaching and bitesize learning to support them in securing a new role outside of their current organisation

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