EDIT keep things real and relevant to enable, develop and inspire others to be the best they can be.

EDIT keep things real and relevant to enable, develop and inspire others to be the best they can be.


Words don’t change things, behaviours do. We believe it’s the small positive choices, actions and behaviours that have the biggest impact. We help you identify the behaviours that matter and how to create and embed those into your culture.

Engaging high performance cultures are not made by one leader. They are built by the entire workforce role modelling and valuing authenticity, pulling in one direction, to deliver expectational customer experience.


We help our clients explore what’s important to them professionally and personally, enabling them to find the best authentic version of themselves. Through building self-belief, developing the power of storytelling and learning mechanisms to channel strengths and limit derailment, we support people to realise their unique potential.

We are all talented, for some this will take them into senior leadership roles, for others into entrepreneurial positions and for many realising their potential means being the best they can be in their existing role, but always learning, challenging and improving.


Every person has a part to play. We adopt a pay it forward approach in everything we do. EDIT facilitate our clients to collaborate with each other through community programmes and schools to create a domino effect of energy.

Pay it forward is the heart beat of EDIT and we believe every person can make a difference; multiply this by the thousands of people we have worked with and you create a movement of support, challenge and empowerment.


Women in Leadership
Unconscious Bias
Executive Team Development
Building Diverse Teams
Building Cultural Diversity
Digital Leadership
Disruptive Leadership
Growth Mindset

We are a market leader in dealing with the challenges surrounding women in business and have been involved in pioneering work on the subject since we founded in 2010, with many of our global teams working to support women in business to unlock equality for over three decades.

We have coached and developed over 1000 female leaders to help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations, with confidence and in an authentic way. Our award-winning Bridge and Grow programmes have been delivered around the world virtually and face-to-face, across a range of sectors.

We are equally proud of the consultancy work we do with companies, supporting them to be able to attract, retain and develop talented women. We offer consultancy support to build stronger diverse pipelines on a bespoke, tailor made basis, selecting the right culturally-sensitive approach to improving companies’ capacity to hire, develop, retain and promote talented women. We are passionate about building cultures which celebrate and value different styles and thinking.

We are globally renowned for our engaging and pragmatic unconscious bias training. Our inclusion expert facilitators equip participants to gain a deep understanding of themselves, their biases and how these impact their beliefs and behaviours, often in ways that they have previously never noticed.

We work with our clients to ensure the development solution is bespoke and reflects the behaviours and realities of their work places; equipping participants with the science to understand why bias happens, the tools to identify how it impacts their behaviours and most importantly, the pragmatic skills to mitigate bias in their own behaviours, organisational systems and the wider culture, all embedded in the lived experience of their own organisational environment. We have award winning theatre forum experiences, critical thinking masterclasses, as well as supporting clients with consultancy around mitigating bias in business infrastructure.

In an ever changing and digital world, bringing together teams of brilliant people and maximising their contributions to achieve organisational goals is a core skill of modern leadership.

We are proud of the work we do with our clients to support executive teams harness their own capability, work collaboratively to enhance their combined potential and maximise their focus on success in a fast paced and challenging environment.

Whether through individual coaching, exploring team value realisation or supporting strategic planning, our clients tell us that we are a trusted and valuable enabler of their future success.

We don’t believe there is one definition of the word team. We know that in our culturally diverse, multigenerational businesses we need to tap into the skills, capabilities and perspectives of everyone. We work with our clients to create team building events and experiences which are tailored to the needs of your business. EDIT’s expert facilitators utilise a series of tested methodologies to accelerate trust, communication and authenticity.

Our clients tell us we help them think differently, engage all, drive accountability and motivate individuals to collaborate for improved business success.

The phrase Cultural Diversity mean a range of different things to different people. Cultural diversity is business as usual for most of us, whether it is the clients we work with or the people who make up our business.

“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes” – Pablo Picasso

Understanding and leveraging difference is at the heart of what we do at EDIT. We work with our clients to build knowledge, understanding and appreciation of cultural difference through bespoke workshops and espresso sessions designed for leaders, managers and individual contributors to stimulate curiosity and develop personal and team empathy.

To respond effectively to the increasing level of technological driven change, it is vital that organisations support leaders to be digitally informed and empowered to unlock the power of technology for their sustainable success.

We help leaders and teams explore how digital transformation is changing how organisations need to operate, and how they can engage more effectively and creatively with technology at both a strategic and operational level.

Providing practical tools, we help leaders learn to manage and influence digitally driven change and how to manage increasingly virtual teams effectively. What differentiates people as we move through exponential digital growth, are the human-only traits. Working with our clients to develop, collaboration, empathy, mental agility, ethically driven decision making as well as leveraging diversity of thought is at the heart of our digital leadership offering.

Today, to lead among leaders is to be the person who sets the course, challenges the existing way of thinking and dictates the future of the business.

So many organisations are influenced by business bias. Disruptive leadership aims to challenge the status quo, ignite creativity and innovation and value true diversity of thought, perspective and actions. Where are the business game changers? We have a range of high impact solutions to support the identification and development of disruptors in your business.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Alan Kay

We believe if you are not moving forward you are standing still. Fostering innovation is a core element of disruptive leadership, future proofing your business and responding to customer demands. We pride ourselves on challenging our clients and want to support our clients in challenging themselves.

“Only by redefining failure will we unleash progress, creativity, and resilience.” —Matthew Syed

Future proofing your people to develop a learner led mindset, to learn from failure and be open to new ways of working is now a necessity for business success not a nice to have. We work with our clients to develop individual and organisational growth mindset to future proof teams and organisations. It is essential to understand the relationship between managing change and growth mindset as we become more digitally powered, helping people to explore the power of ‘not yet’ and explore the art of the possible. We are known for our role modelling of growth mindset in how we work with our clients, and have a range of game changing solutions to help companies and individuals to reinvent.

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