Politics and organisational savvy

Politics and organisational savvyBeing organisationally savvy is one means of enabling ourselves to navigate through tricky and challenging politics that are found within most companies. In the most basic terms, organisational savvy entails high-integrity, having a deeper understanding of how individuals, teams and organisations function, and being able to respond to these factors appropriately.

Building sponsorship and managing stakeholders can help in building organisational savvy, but what do these terms mean? Sponsors provide proactive encouragement and support, helping individuals to make the right decisions and progress in their careers. Building sponsorship increases support and knowledge sharing, improving organisational intelligence and career performance. Managing stakeholders is more concerned with being able to handle and work with those invested in us more responsibly. Stakeholder management is crucial to improved business knowledge and political-handling.

“It is vital to build sponsorship and manage stakeholders through first identifying who these individuals are.”

As such, being strategic and building a professional footprint is key to improved political management and organisational savvy. It is vital to build sponsorship and manage stakeholders through first identifying who these individuals are. Furthermore, consider what gets you seen and heard in your team and organisation, how you communicate with and influence others, and how you can build on these skills. Though most importantly, be clear on what you want from your career and communicate this with your supporters. Having open communication channels and frequent meetings is important for building business knowledge and organisational savvy. Through this, you can leverage organisational politics – making politics work for you, further helping you progress in your careers and move towards achieving your potential.

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