Why we do what we do

We change attitudes, build self-belief and transform the capabilities of people at work through our industryleading learning experiences. From measuring potential to building diverse talent pipelines, we accelerate culture change, inspire and challenge our clients.  In EDIT, our clients tell us they have found a true partner. We pride ourselves on building relationships, trying new things and making an impact.

We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference, and our role is to support and challenge the people and clients we work with to realise this potential. We keep things real and relevant and enable, develop and inspire others to be the best they can be.

It’s our passion to see everyone that we engage with have an experience that they remember.


Building Capabilities

Words don’t change things, behaviours do. We believe it’s the small positive choices, actions and behaviours that have the biggest impact. We help you identify the behaviours that matter and how to create and embed those into your culture.

Engaging high performance cultures are not made by one leader. They are built by all the people in an organisation role modelling and valuing authenticity, pulling in one direction, and working with your customers for your people. Building capability is what we do at EDIT—individual capability, team capability and organisational capability.

Realising your potential

We help our clients explore what’s important to them professionally and personally, enabling them to find the best authentic version of themselves. Through building self-belief, developing the power of storytelling and learning mechanisms to channel strengths and limit derailment, we support people to realise their unique potential.

We all have talents and potential, for some this will take them into senior leadership roles, for others into corporate intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial positions and for many realising potential means being the best they can be in their existing role, but always learning, challenging and improving.


Pay it forward

Every person has a part to play and who best to play that part than someone already impacted by what we do? We adopt a pay it forward approach in everything we do and people love getting involved to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

We facilitate our clients to collaborate with each other through community programmes and schools to create a domino effect of energy. Pay it forward is the heart beat of EDIT and we believe every person can make a difference; multiply this by the thousands of people we have worked with and you create a movement of support, challenge and empowerment.



Short, innovative and dynamic 60 and 90 minutes workshops which engage the participants to challenge their thinking, their approach and their actions. With over 50 espresso sessions to choose from, they can be delivered for small groups or up to 500 people.


We are constantly bombarded by information.  Our hot topics allow us to do the work for you and help you stay updated on the latest global trends to enable you to future proof your organisation by addressing live topics in the moment and creating learning communities to explore application of latest thinking into your business.


We learn so much through experience and knowledge sharing. Peer learning sessions are short and focussed group action coaching sessions that aim to build community to support problem solving, personal development and shared learning.

  • Always my go-to business when organising any people development focused activity – regardless of whether it is coaching for an individual or a wider team building event – EDIT has the creativity and intuitive thinking to provide an appropriate solution

    Victoria Woodison
    Global HR Transformation Director G4S plc
  • Sonia and the team at EDIT Development have been at the forefront of Sky’s Women in Leadership session. Using their vast experience they have brought unique insights to our leaders and challenged them to bring their best version of themselves into the workplace. Amazing feedback that is talked about across the business

    Gavin Baxter
    Head of Design, People Development at Sky
  • When we were shaping our career development framework, EDIT provided us thought leadership on content i.e. how do careers typically develop, and more specifically on inclusion. They were excellent at bringing ideas and information, discussing the relevance for our organisation, challenging existing dogmas, and helping us arrive at what is the right intervention for us

    Mette Sorensen
    People and Leadership Development Manager at Belron
  • Practical, relevant and undiluted – EDIT have these three important ingredients when building a coaching relationship.

    Magda Kilby
    Technology Director G4S
  • I can categorically say that EDIT are some of the best facilitators, coaches and experts I’ve ever worked with. They have a great approach to working with clients whereby our needs are fully understood and met

    Toby Mildon
    Diversity & Inclusion Manager, BBC
  • EDIT provide us with a service that is second to none. They always make the time to take for that last minute phone call that leaves us confident of success

    Caroline Burn
    UK Head of Learning and Development Arcadis
  • EDIT work in partnership with us rather than as a supplier this enables great challenge and support conversations which lead the way to the best fit solutions

    Ellie Smith
    Head of Global Leadership Development GKN PLC
  • We have used EDIT Development on several occasions for team building events – they have always demonstrated great flexibility in the solution she offers for the day, varying the approach depending on the audience and what we are trying to achieve from the event – whether it is an event focusing on building sustainable effective relationships for a senior executive team or a more informal event bringing a group of strangers together to work on a short term project, Sonia and her team succeed in bringing everyone with them from the start and leaving people wanting more at the end of the day – they always end up being a fun and productive day to remember!

    Victoria Woodison
    Global HR Transformation Director G4S plc
  • Developing an online learning hub from scratch seemed like an exciting but also daunting task. Everything is possible, and there was a real temptation to stay in the exploration stage in search for the perfect online solution. When discussing this with EDIT during the early stages, they shared what they had done for other organisations, and also what seems to work and not work. This input cut down the time needed for us to do the research in ‘what’s out there’, and we quickly started shaping what could work for us

    Mette Sorensen
    People and Leadership Development Manager at Belron
  • EDIT offers us practical solutions to the issues that we are looking at with excellent support that enables us to own and deliver the solutions into our business

    Caroline Burn
    UK Head of Learning and Development Arcadis
  • Service is core to what EDIT stands for and as a client they fulfil my needs and go a step further by suggesting different ways of thinking.

    Alexandra Walton
    Early Talent Attraction & Selection Manager Laing O'Rourke
  • EDIT’s coaching style is challenging and provocative, aimed at getting the best out of the individual. As an employer, EDIT has worked well with keeping me informed of progress whilst maintaining the integrity of the coaching relationship

    Victoria Woodison
    Global HR Transformation Director G4S plc
Our Clients

In an era of competitive collaboration, our clients are working with us to change the playing field of learning and leadership development. We partner with our clients, creating learning communities and networks to share knowledge and a creative space to try new ways to support, stretch and challenge individuals, teams and businesses.

We have over 80 clients working with us; from global businesses, to higher education, delivering across 18 countries in 24 sectors.