Short and dynamic 30, 60 and 90 minutes workshops which engage<br> participants to challenge their thinking, their approach and their actions.

Career Conversations Coaching

The session provides managers and mentors with tools to help individuals to identify their specific career development needs and offers a career coaching framework which can be applied to career coaching conversations.

Adopting New Systems and Technology

One of the biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic was the ability of organisations and their people to adapt to new working practices, including use of new systems and technology. This session explores when to consider adopting new systems and technology and best practices for adapting.

Hybrid Working for Managers

The global pandemic has accelerated how we work flexibly and from different locations. With different employees opting for different working environments, this session focuses on how managers can consider and enable an effective hybrid working practice and environment for their team.

Working Remotely

This session explores the associated benefits, challenges, and aims to support participants to effectively manage their workload, time and wellbeing when working remotely.

Digitalising your Brand

This session aims to increase your awareness about the digital world and how to develop your online footprint in a way that is aligned to your purpose, your authentic self and your intended brand.

Servant Leadership

This session looks at the what, and how of Servant Leadership. This mindset promotes teamwork and collaboration between every level of an organization. A service leader is someone who provides other team members with the resources to solve complex challenges and work autonomously.

Dealing with Complexity

Industries, businesses and cultures are becoming increasingly complex with time. As individuals and leaders we must review and adjust our mindset and behaviours regularly to embrace and manage this complexity.

Transition Into a New Manager

This session explores ways to become an employee-centric manager, focusing on core capabilities such as listening, recognition, decision making, and problem solving.

Appraisals & Managing Performance

Inclusive and effective performance management is a core skill for people managers. This practical session looks at how you currently manage performance and employee appraisals, and best practices for having meaningful review and appraisal discussions with your teams.

Setting Team Goals & Priorities

This session considers the benefits of setting team goals and priorities, and how to do this more effectively for your team/s as you move forwards.

Creating Psychological Safety in your Team

Enabling psychological safety within teams, environments and situations improves individual engagement. This session will explore what we mean by psychological safety and tools and tips for creating a safe and open environment for your team especially in a time of change and uncertainty.

Effectively Delivering Virtual Training

Designed specifically for in-house trainers or facilitators, this session enables and empowers these individuals to consider their virtual and hybrid delivery style and how to better and more positively impact their audiences.

Creating Virtual Learning Content

As hybrid working for many becomes the ‘new normal’, this session aims to support your internal teams specifically to design and develop impactful virtual learning / training content, enabling translation from face-to-face experiences to virtual and hybrid engagement.

Developing & Delivering Virtual Training

As hybrid working for many becomes the ‘new normal’, this session aims to support your internal learning and development teams to develop and deliver impactful virtual and hybrid content, considering factors such as engagement, interactivity, and accessibility.

Ethics & Social Responsibility – Being a Global Citizen

The world is vastly connected and continues to grow in this regard. Understanding how our behaviours in one small part of the world a much wider, global effect can have has never been more important. This thoughtful session will explore the topics of ethics and social responsibility, and how you can become a better global citizen.

From ‘Purpose’ to ‘Pay it Forward’

What exactly is purpose, and how do we achieve it? How can we align our purpose so it informs our actions and leverage it to positively influence our colleagues, friends and families? By exploring these questions, this workshop encourages you to reflect on what brings meaning to you, both at work and in your life more broadly; and focus on ways that you can add value to others.

The Value of Reflection

Our lives are filled with events, experiences, and challenges, and reflection is key to unlocking the learning from these situations. This session will look at the value of reflection and steps you can take to reflect and learn from the positive and challenging experiences.

Energise Me

Understanding your own energy levels is critical for personal engagement and productivity, but also for supporting and motivating those around you. This interactive session explores how you can focus on your energy, particularly during times of change or adversity.

Developing Empathy

Empathy is one of the least developed yet most important skills of leaders today. This session will explore what empathy is, what it looks like in practice, and how to develop both cognitive and emotive empathy when working at pace.

Being a Trusted Advisor

Trust is critical to building relationships and securing sponsorship and commitment to your ideas. The purpose of this interactive session is to develop behaviours and actions related to trust, as well as look at how you can use effective consultative sales and service cycles to be a trusted advisor.

Creating a Culture of Compassion & Empathy

Empathy and compassion can drive significant business results and create a more positive culture for all. This session will consider what a compassionate and empathic leadership looks like, and what you can do individually to help your organisation move towards achieving a culture of compassion and empathy.

Company Culture and Purpose

Company culture plays a large part in why people apply to and remain in organisations. This session explores how you can nurture your company culture and retain talent through employee engagement, performance management, recognition, creating psychological safety and connection to company purpose.

Strategic Thinking

This session explores why developing strategic thinking capability is important for leadership in the modern workplace. We look at what strategic thinking looks like in the ‘new normal’ and how to develop this capability through everyday practice.

Building a Culture of Psychological Safety

As a leader creating a safe environment for your people to be themselves is fundamental to inclusive leadership, but we also need to create a culture where colleagues support each other to be open, honest and transparent day to day. In this session we look at best practice to create a culture of  psychological safety.

Crisis Leadership

Organisations go through some form of crisis on a fairly regular basis, and crisis leadership is an important part of leading in today’s world. This session aims to equip leaders with skills and tools for effectively navigating through a crisis.

Unlearning and Relearning: Breaking Old Habits

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” – Alvin Toffler. This practical session will encourage you to explore your habits and how you can be relevant for the future.

Looking Back and to the Future

A great way to celebrate the end of a year, this inspiring session encourages individuals to reflect back on their year – highlights and challenges – and explore what they can learn from these experiences, and apply these to their goals for the following year.

Fostering Mutual Understanding

Developed in celebration of the UN’s International Day of Tolerance, this session explores how we can become more understanding of each other as human beings, across cultures and other boundaries.

End the Awkward

Focusing on awkward conversations and how we can help to avoid the awkwardness, this session explores stereotyping around different demographics in the workplace, and explores areas such as disability inclusion and myth busting around neurodiversity.

Accommodating Needs

We all have different needs and working preferences, and the global pandemic has created further individual reflection on this. This session for managers will help you to explore ways to consider the needs and preferences of your team – including accessibility needs – and manage them appropriately.

Hire Inclusively

Hiring Inclusively looks at the different stages of the recruitment cycle and how to ensure inclusive practices throughout, including situational biases to watch out for.

Meet Inclusively

As part of our ‘Think’, ‘Meet’, and ‘Hire’ Inclusively series focusing on exploring diversity of thought, style and approach to create a more inclusive environment, this session focuses on ways you can meet more inclusively, to help drive performance, engagement and success.

Think Inclusively

As part of our ‘Think’, ‘Meet’, and ‘Hire’ Inclusively series focusing on exploring diversity of thought, style and approach to create a more inclusive environment, this session focuses on ways you can think more inclusively, to help drive performance, engagement and success.

Being Enough

We often feel compelled to become who we think we should be and perhaps suppress who we really are. When we strive to meet other’s expectations, without considering our core values, qualities and strengths, it may feel like there is a gap between who the world wants us to be and who know ourselves to be.  The journey to’ being enough’ and owning all parts of our lives can be challenging but ultimately it can unlock our truest potential.

Social Mobility

This workshop provides space for you to reflect on your life experiences, and consider how you can add value to different social groups and contribute to social mobility generally, to support a more inclusive and culturally sensitive workplace and society.

LGBTQ+ Awareness

Focusing on the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community around the world, this session focuses on building awareness of the topic, helps to build a deeper understand of the challenges faced by this community and supports best practice for being an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

Conscious Inclusion

We often hear the term ‘unconscious bias’, and whilst bias can be unconscious and sometimes difficult for us to address, we can always make changes and take action to become more consciously inclusive. This session – tailored for colleagues, managers or leaders – will help you to explore ways to become more consciously inclusive.

Meeting Inclusively: hybrid working

As hybrid working becomes the ‘new normal’ for many organisations, this session aims to support your people to lead and interact in virtual environment in an impactful, engaging, and supportive way.

Being an Ally

Building diversity and inclusion is an increasingly core focus area for organisations as workplaces and cultures shift. This session explores what we mean by allyship, the role and remit of an ally, and some tools and tips for ‘supporting the voices of others’.

Building Confidence in Others

We believe ‘Paying it forward’ – sharing your learning, insights and experience with others – is fundamental to the success of training programmes within organisations, but also to support the growth of teams and society as a whole. To help you to help others, this session focuses on best practices for motivating and building confidence in those around you, including your work colleagues.

Maintaining your Virtual Network

The Covid pandemic has drastically changed the nature of work relationships, and in particular how we build, retain and in some cases resurrect good connections with those around us. Maintaining a virtual network calls for a different approach, to ensure we remain visible and effective in this changing environment.

Managing your External Network

Particularly when working in large organisations, we can become fully focused on our internal networks. This session encourages you to think about your external network as well as your internal network and considers the benefits of widening out your professional connections in order to expand your perspective.

Sharing your Truth

In those moments when we speak our truth, when we feel truly aligned with what we are thinking, feeling and saying, we are at our most powerful.  At times, speaking our truth may be more challenging than at other times.  As we strive to achieve our goals authentically, we want to feel empowered to share our truth.

Connecting with others

This session will provide an opportunity to identify any challenges or barriers you face when connecting with others and will explore practical tools and techniques to overcome these.

Bringing your story to life during interviews

‘Bringing your story to life during interviews’ is one of a three-part series supporting individuals to think about their next steps and how to succeed in the interview process. The other sessions of the series include ‘Getting ready for recruitment (CV preparation)’ and ‘Preparing for interviews.

Preparing for interviews

‘Preparing for interviews’ is one of a three-part series supporting individuals to think about their next steps and how to succeed in the interview process. The other sessions of the series include ‘Getting ready for recruitment (CV preparation)’ and ‘Bringing your story to life during interviews’.

Getting Ready for Recruitment: CV Preparation

‘Getting ready for recruitment (CV preparation)’ is one of a three-part series supporting individuals to think about their next steps and how to succeed in the interview process. The other sessions of the series include ‘Preparing for interviews’ and ‘Bringing your story to life during interviews’.

Biodiversity, Wildlife & Ecosystems

This session will explore what we mean by biodiversity, ecosystems & ecology, how they are critical for our personal and professional lives, and share key information for supporting the global environment.

Minimising Waste

This session will encourage individuals to think about their everyday actions contributing to local and global waste, and how even the smallest changes in our routines or behaviours can have a big impact.

Managing Your Personal Impact on the Environment

This session will enable individuals to consider their personal impact on the environment and identify space for improvement to limit their negative impact and enable more positive, environmentally-friendly behaviours.

Don’t be a Bystander

This session will encourage individuals and teams to consider their behaviours when faced with uncomfortable or challenging situations, and provide them with key tools to handle such situations more effectively moving forward.

Personal Purpose

This thought-provoking session will support you in identifying your purpose through thinking about your short- and long-term goals, and how you might go about achieving these.

Ethical Leadership

This session explores the concept of ethical leadership and provides best practice for enabling ethical behaviours in our working and leadership styles in an authentic way.

Engaging Men as Agents of Change

This session explores the need to better engage men in the agenda around equity, belonging and inclusion. We look at what the current challenges are and how to make creating a more equitable culture, everyone’s responsibility.

Nurturing versus Assertive Leadership

This session will support you in exploring your unique style when it comes to leading individuals and teams. Understanding more about your style, the strength this brings, and how to flex it when needed is critical for enabling high-performing teams.

Growth Mindset

This session looks at experiential learning (developing knowledge through experience), and the importance of embracing this ‘growth mindset’ to support you, your team, and your organisation in effectively navigating challenges and enabling success.

Building Resilience

This session will explore the importance of resilience during times of change and how to practice resilience in different emotional states, we also explore the best practices to build systemic resilience in your teams.

The 100-Year Life

This session will explore the changing demographics within the workplace and their implications, as well as look at assets and tips for planning an extended working life.


This session will explore what we mean by wellbeing and encourage you to discover what enables your wellbeing, as well as discover tips for managing stress.

Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline

This session will explore succession planning and tips for building sustainable and diverse talent pipelines for the future.

Disruptive Leadership

It’s easy for leaders to find themselves staying with what they know and what they have seen work in the past. Unfortunately, sticking to your comfort zone does not naturally come with growth. This is about exploring what disruptive leadership looks like for you, how can you practice tools to challenge the status quo, to drive innovation and continuous improvement.


This session spotlights the power of storytelling to capture an audience, inspire them and engage them in your message. We will explore how stories impact colleague engagement and understanding and explore best practices on how to bring a message to life through the use of storytelling.

Confidence & Resilience

This session will help you understand what influences your self-belief and will offer practical ways to build personal resilience, helping you stay focused on your individual value and worth.

Buying & Selling

This session will explore the psychology of buying and selling whilst linking back to the value of goal setting, providing tools and techniques to enable you to effectively drive performance and achieve individual, team and organisational objectives.

Networking made easy

This session will provide an opportunity to identify any challenges or barriers individuals may face when connecting with others and will explore practical tools and techniques to overcome these.

Maximising your Potential

This session focuses on unlocking your potential by looking at the latest research on career progression in a complex, diverse business environment, together with best practice on career planning and building confidence to be the best you can be.

Actions Speak Louder

This session will help you to explore non-verbal communication and how it can support your work and its impact on performance, and identifying tools to increase your visibility and credibility through maintaining authenticity and personal presence.

Mental Agility

This session explores how you can become more agile in your thinking and how this can influence the actions and decision you make. You will explore your current mindset and how to think about challenges flexibly, developing a series of solutions and analysing these solutions before moving forward.

Results Agility

This session explores how leaders can better understand how to prioritise delivery with conflicting agendas, and the critical role they play in driving performance.

Change Agility

This session explores how you can become more agile in your leadership approach and understand how you can become more change agile, particularly when promoting new possibilities.

People Agility

This session is designed to help you explore people agility and develop your skills to get the most out of others and find opportunity for growth.

Building Cultural Awareness

Building cultural awareness and competence is conducive to creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment all. This session looks at the benefits of having diverse cultures in the workplace and ways you and your team can improve cultural awareness.

Managing Diverse Cultures

This session will help you to explore how you currently value difference, explore how your personal style and behaviours can impact team work and success and the importance of role-modelling inclusive behaviours.

Unconscious Bias for Hiring Managers

This session is interactive and not a ‘talk and chalk’ session, it helps you hold the mirror up to how you think, how you operate and more importantly the impact of your thinking and your actions, in particular when selecting and promoting individuals into new roles.

Passion, Drive & Excellence

This session will focus on developing and fostering passion, drive and excellence as part of your career vision.

Competitive Collaboration

This session will help you to understand the benefits of competitive collaboration, how to overcome challenges and work better with competitors for a win-win outcome.

Being a Mentor

The purpose of this session is to clearly define the role, the benefits and the best practices for mentoring. We will focus on developing your mentoring skills in order to provide effective support for mentees.

Values Based Team Coaching

This session seeks to maximise the talent of both you and your team through considering your values and how they influence your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. Taking these values into account, you will explore various tools and techniques for effective coaching, enabling you and your team to become more cohesive and focused on shared performance.

Building Inclusive Teams

This session focuses on creating and encouraging diversity and cultural integration, reviews how you currently value differences and explores various ways to further build inclusiveness through role modelling.

Personal Resilience

This session looks at the importance of resilience and will provide you with the tools and techniques for building this competence.

Leading in a Connected Age

This session will explore the five principles for building connected networks, as well as exploring fresh ways of managing your network for maximum effect.

Performance Appraisals

This session for appraisees encourages you to think about your own performance and provides tools and techniques for getting the most out of performance reviews so you can spotlight your strengths, your passions, and areas of growth.

Developing Curiosity

This session looks at how slightly altering your behaviour through being more curious can have a huge impact on individual and team performance.

Creating a Culture of Trust

This session explores the impact trust has, how to build trustworthiness and create an environment of trust that will improve innovation, productivity and collaboration.

Authentic Leadership

This session explores the benefits of authenticity in the workplace – how bringing your true self to work can benefit yourself and others. You look deeper at the impact of your leadership style and explore your style intentions versus your style impact.

Essential Interviewing Skills

This session aims to equip interviewers to make the best possible selection decisions and enable them to brief others in the selection team appropriately.

Effectively Giving & Receiving Feedback

This session looks at what feedback is, and explores key rules and tips for both providing and receiving feedback.

Effectively Managing Change & Uncertainty

This session will help you to understand what change agility means and how to become more adaptable for a future that is complex and uncertain.

Overcoming Challenges & Resistance

This session will help you to explore why challenges and resistance appear, and how to build personal resilience and better manage these obstacles.

Handling Emotions

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities our emotions bring, looking at how to better handle conflict and individual reactions.

Taking the Step from Manager to Leader

This session will look at what makes a leader in the modern workplace. We will further consider the challenges this transition brings and ways you can better inspire others to achieve peak performance.

Objection Handling

This session will explore objection handling through thinking of ways you can better manage challenges from others, such as working on your skills in listening and communicating.

Managing Conflict

This session will explore what conflict is and what it means for you and your team. Through exploring tools for emotional management and conflict resolution, practical steps can be taken towards better managing conflict and becoming a collaborative and effective team.

Coaching Skills for Managers

This session focuses on advanced coaching techniques, exploring ways of questioning, listening and practising empathy to get the best out of your individual team members. We spotlight and practice simple tools to improve your coaching capability.

Handling Difficult Conversations & People Effectively

This high impact session provides a deeper understanding of why conflict arises and explores pragmatic tools for handling challenging discussions and individuals.

Digitalising your Brand

This session aims to increase your awareness about the digital world and how to develop your online profiles to project your authentic and professional self and build upon your personal presence.

Winning Presentations

This session focuses on key tips and techniques for improving your presentation skills, focusing on how you communicate, create impact, and inspire your audience.


This session explores mindfulness as a way of allowing us to be fully present at both home and work, improving our quality of life. We will learn about the science and efficacy of this skill and explore simple practices to develop it.

Managing your Career

This session looks at how to better manage your career and stop your career from managing you. You will explore ways to take responsibility for your career and development through exploring where you are now and where you want to be.

Developing & Using Your Career Development Plan

This session looks at the core elements of a robust development plan that reflects your values and authentic self. You will explore how to use and update your plan going forward, whilst encouraging and supporting others with their own career development plans.

Effective Time Management

This session will explore the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and reveal various ways in which you and your team can better manage and prioritise your time, allowing you to perform at your best.

Adopting a Winning Mindset

This session will look at what it means to adopt a winning mindset, the impact our attitudes and actions towards others can have on individuals and the wider organisation. We will explore ways that will encourage you to think more like a champion.

Leveraging your Personal Strengths

This session focuses on exploring what your strengths are and what these mean, helping you to understand how to leverage your strengths to become the best you can be and the wider positive influence on your team and organisation.

Preparing for Promotion

This session will help you to discover ways to be more involved in solving problems, encouraging you to move forward and think of ways to better prepare for a promotion.

Unconscious Bias

This session seeks to identify and challenge your current frame of reference and move you towards becoming an optimal decision maker which will positively impact you, and your team.

Gaining Commitment through Influencing

This session aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the core principles involved in complex stakeholder management, based on developing competency in empathy, listening and questioning skills. It will explore the impact influencing will have on gaining buy-in to maximise engagement and deliver results.

Agile Leadership

This session explores the power of agility with a focus on the multiple elements of agility to enable us as individuals, teams, and organisations to maintain optimal performance.

Personal Impact

This session will help you to consider your current impact and focus on the intentional impact you want to have. We will introduce best practice frameworks for developing your personal impact and presence.

Flexible Thinking

his session is designed to highlight and explore the importance of investing time in considering options and alternatives when formulating important strategies, problem solving or day-today decision-making.

Digital Transformation & Being a Service Leader

This session will explore how to stay relevant with your customers and consider the tone you want to communicate in this digital era.

Speed Negotiations

This session explores the core principles of effective negotiation and will help you develop a clear strategy for personal negotiation at work around areas such as pay, workload and performance reviews.

Inclusive Leadership

This session focuses on the techniques to enlighten and encourage leaders to leverage diversity of thought and approach to creating a more inclusive environment – helping to drive performance, engagement and success.

Just-in-time Coaching

This session looks at how employees at all levels can coach in the moment, providing tools and fresh ways of building systemic resilience in your teams.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

This session will help you understand the cause of stress and explore various techniques to relieve stress to improve personal and organisation well-being.

Managing Virtual Teams

This session will help to uncover the benefits and challenges of working within a virtual team and discover tools for becoming an effective online team.

Unlocking Innovation & Creative Thinking

This session will help you to explore new ways of thinking and develop a creative mindset that you can apply in the workplace, to further the innovation and ideas that you and your team produce.

Inner Confidence & Self-Belief

This session will help you understand what influences your self-belief and will offer practical ways for building personal resilience, helping you stay focused on your individual value and worth.

Managing Organisational Politics

This session looks at what creates politics within organisations and provides you with various models and techniques for understanding and managing politics positively – making politics work for you.

Making Lasting Impressions

This session explores how your first impressions and brand influence how others see you and the impact this has in the workplace. We will explore the concept of ‘brand you’ and develop a personal brand strategy for maximising success and personal impact.

Building Strong Relations & Sponsorship

This session will explore the value and power of sponsorship, including top tips and techniques to building a strong network to increase your visibility and exposure within the organisation.

Communicating with Impact

This session looks at ways to develop personal and team impact, building relationships and connecting with others through developing engaging communication techniques and styles.

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