Our espresso sessions can be delivered as:

Small group led face to face sessions for up to 20 people

Virtual learning, facilitator led, online, for up to 12 people

Large groups high energy experience for up to 500

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Short and dynamic 60 and 90 minutes workshops which engage the participants to challenge their thinking, their approach and their actions.

We have over 50 espresso sessions we deliver globally with new topics coming on board every month to keep up with latest thinking.

Our clients love our espresso sessions as:

  • Most people learn more in bitesize chunks

  • They are ‘time savvy’ and can be used as part of a core learning solution or as one-off connectivity events

  • Up to 20 delegates in a session and we can deliver four espresso sessions in a day to make it really cost effective

  • Fully flexible sessions designed for your needs, covering all elements of management and leadership development, diversity and inclusion and personal development

  • ‘Brain-friendly’ learning methods to help you absorb learning

  • Focused on one core topic to make a real impact

  • Practical and action orientated for easy application of learning


Communicating with impact

Building Sponsorship

Making Lasting Impressions

Managing Organisational Politics

Inner Confidence and Self-Belief

Unlocking Innovation and Creative Thinking

Authentic Leadership

Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Agile Coaching

Inclusive Leadership

Speed Negotiations

Small Nudges - Flexible Thinking

Personal Impact

Agile Leadership

Gaining Commitment Through Influencing

Unconscious Bias

Preparing for Promotion

The impact of Positive Self Talk

Leveraging your Personal Strengths

Adopting a winning mind-set

Effective time management

Developing and using your Career Development Plan

Managing your Career


Winning Presentations

Digitalising your Brand

Handling Difficult Conversations and People Effectively

Coaching Skills for Managers

Managing Conflict

Objection Handling

Taking the Step from Manager to Leader

Handling Emotions (Yours and Others)

Overcoming Challenges and Resistance

Effectively Managing Change and Uncertainty

Effectively Giving and Receiving Feedback

Essential Interviewing Skills

Leveraging your Personal Leadership Style

Small Nudges - Building Trust

Small Nudges - Developing Curiosity

Leading in a Connected Age

Personal Resilience

Strategic Mindedness

Building Inclusive Teams

Values Based Team Coaching

Being a Mentor

Small Nudges - Competitive Collaboration

Passion, Drives and Excellence

Unconscious Bias for Hiring Managers

Managing Diverse Cultures

Building Cultural Awareness

Mental Agility

People Agility

Change Agility

Results Agility

Getting the Most Out of Performance Appraisals

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