Individual Career Development

Personal Resilience

This session looks at the importance of resilience and will provide you with the tools and techniques for building this competence.

Performance Appraisals

This session for appraisees encourages you to think about your own performance and provides tools and techniques for getting the most out of performance reviews so you can spotlight your strengths, your passions, and areas of growth.

Developing Curiosity

This session looks at how slightly altering your behaviour through being more curious can have a huge impact on individual and team performance.

Creating a Culture of Trust

This session explores the impact trust has, how to build trustworthiness and create an environment of trust that will improve innovation, productivity and collaboration.

Handling Emotions

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities our emotions bring, looking at how to better handle conflict and individual reactions.

Handling Difficult Conversations & People Effectively

This high impact session provides a deeper understanding of why conflict arises and explores pragmatic tools for handling challenging discussions and individuals.

Digitalising your Brand

This session aims to increase your awareness about the digital world and how to develop your online profiles to project your authentic and professional self and build upon your personal presence.

Winning Presentations

This session focuses on key tips and techniques for improving your presentation skills, focusing on how you communicate, create impact, and inspire your audience.

Managing your Career

This session looks at how to better manage your career and stop your career from managing you. You will explore ways to take responsibility for your career and development through exploring where you are now and where you want to be.

Developing & Using Your Career Development Plan

This session looks at the core elements of a robust development plan that reflects your values and authentic self. You will explore how to use and update your plan going forward, whilst encouraging and supporting others with their own career development plans.
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