Individual Career Development

Effective Time Management

This session will explore the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and reveal various ways in which you and your team can better manage and prioritise your time, allowing you to perform at your best.

Adopting a Winning Mindset

This session will look at what it means to adopt a winning mindset, the impact our attitudes and actions towards others can have on individuals and the wider organisation. We will explore ways that will encourage you to think more like a champion.

Leveraging your Personal Strengths

This session focuses on exploring what your strengths are and what these mean, helping you to understand how to leverage your strengths to become the best you can be and the wider positive influence on your team and organisation.

Preparing for Promotion

This session will help you to discover ways to be more involved in solving problems, encouraging you to move forward and think of ways to better prepare for a promotion.

Gaining Commitment through Influencing

This session aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the core principles involved in complex stakeholder management, based on developing competency in empathy, listening and questioning skills. It will explore the impact influencing will have on gaining buy-in to maximise engagement and deliver results.

Personal Impact

This session will help you to consider your current impact and focus on the intentional impact you want to have. We will introduce best practice frameworks for developing your personal impact and presence.

Flexible Thinking

his session is designed to highlight and explore the importance of investing time in considering options and alternatives when formulating important strategies, problem solving or day-today decision-making.

Unlocking Innovation & Creative Thinking

This session will help you to explore new ways of thinking and develop a creative mindset that you can apply in the workplace, to further the innovation and ideas that you and your team produce.

Inner Confidence & Self-Belief

This session will help you understand what influences your self-belief and will offer practical ways for building personal resilience, helping you stay focused on your individual value and worth.

Making Lasting Impressions

This session explores how your first impressions and brand influence how others see you and the impact this has in the workplace. We will explore the concept of ‘brand you’ and develop a personal brand strategy for maximising success and personal impact.
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