Team Effectiveness

Building Cultural Awareness

Building cultural awareness and competence is conducive to creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment all. This session looks at the benefits of having diverse cultures in the workplace and ways you and your team can improve cultural awareness.

Building Inclusive Teams

This session focuses on creating and encouraging diversity and cultural integration, reviews how you currently value differences and explores various ways to further build inclusiveness through role modelling.

Managing Conflict

This session will explore what conflict is and what it means for you and your team. Through exploring tools for emotional management and conflict resolution, practical steps can be taken towards better managing conflict and becoming a collaborative and effective team.

Digitalising your Brand

This session aims to increase your awareness about the digital world and how to develop your online profiles to project your authentic and professional self and build upon your personal presence.

Leveraging your Personal Strengths

This session focuses on exploring what your strengths are and what these mean, helping you to understand how to leverage your strengths to become the best you can be and the wider positive influence on your team and organisation.

Flexible Thinking

his session is designed to highlight and explore the importance of investing time in considering options and alternatives when formulating important strategies, problem solving or day-today decision-making.

Managing Virtual Teams

This session will help to uncover the benefits and challenges of working within a virtual team and discover tools for becoming an effective online team.

Building Strong Relations & Sponsorship

This session will explore the value and power of sponsorship, including top tips and techniques to building a strong network to increase your visibility and exposure within the organisation.