Customer Focus


This session spotlights the power of storytelling to capture an audience, inspire them and engage them in your message. We will explore how stories impact colleague engagement and understanding and explore best practices on how to bring a message to life through the use of storytelling.

People Agility

This session is designed to help you explore people agility and develop your skills to get the most out of others and find opportunity for growth.

Creating a Culture of Trust

This session explores the impact trust has, how to build trustworthiness and create an environment of trust that will improve innovation, productivity and collaboration.

Winning Presentations

This session focuses on key tips and techniques for improving your presentation skills, focusing on how you communicate, create impact, and inspire your audience.

Personal Impact

This session will help you to consider your current impact and focus on the intentional impact you want to have. We will introduce best practice frameworks for developing your personal impact and presence.

Digital Transformation & Being a Service Leader

This session will explore how to stay relevant with your customers and consider the tone you want to communicate in this digital era.

Making Lasting Impressions

This session explores how your first impressions and brand influence how others see you and the impact this has in the workplace. We will explore the concept of ‘brand you’ and develop a personal brand strategy for maximising success and personal impact.

Communicating with Impact

This session looks at ways to develop personal and team impact, building relationships and connecting with others through developing engaging communication techniques and styles.