Career Conversations Coaching

The session provides managers and mentors with tools to help individuals to identify their specific career development needs and offers a career coaching framework which can be applied to career coaching conversations.

Values Based Team Coaching

This session seeks to maximise the talent of both you and your team through considering your values and how they influence your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. Taking these values into account, you will explore various tools and techniques for effective coaching, enabling you and your team to become more cohesive and focused on shared performance.

Coaching Skills for Managers

This session focuses on advanced coaching techniques, exploring ways of questioning, listening and practising empathy to get the best out of your individual team members. We spotlight and practice simple tools to improve your coaching capability.

Just-in-time Coaching

This session looks at how employees at all levels can coach in the moment, providing tools and fresh ways of building systemic resilience in your teams.