Working with Change

Dealing with Complexity

Industries, businesses and cultures are becoming increasingly complex with time. As individuals and leaders we must review and adjust our mindset and behaviours regularly to embrace and manage this complexity.

Building Resilience

This session will explore the importance of resilience during times of change and how to practice resilience in different emotional states, we also explore the best practices to build systemic resilience in your teams.

Disruptive Leadership

It’s easy for leaders to find themselves staying with what they know and what they have seen work in the past. Unfortunately, sticking to your comfort zone does not naturally come with growth. This is about exploring what disruptive leadership looks like for you, how can you practice tools to challenge the status quo, to […]

Mental Agility

This session explores how you can become more agile in your thinking and how this can influence the actions and decision you make. You will explore your current mindset and how to think about challenges flexibly, developing a series of solutions and analysing these solutions before moving forward.

Change Agility

This session explores how you can become more agile in your leadership approach and understand how you can become more change agile, particularly when promoting new possibilities.

Effectively Managing Change & Uncertainty

This session will help you to understand what change agility means and how to become more adaptable for a future that is complex and uncertain.

Overcoming Challenges & Resistance

This session will help you to explore why challenges and resistance appear, and how to build personal resilience and better manage these obstacles.

Preparing for Promotion

This session will help you to discover ways to be more involved in solving problems, encouraging you to move forward and think of ways to better prepare for a promotion.

Digital Transformation & Being a Service Leader

This session will explore how to stay relevant with your customers and consider the tone you want to communicate in this digital era.

Building Strong Relations & Sponsorship

This session will explore the value and power of sponsorship, including top tips and techniques to building a strong network to increase your visibility and exposure within the organisation.