Leadership Development

Developing Empathy

Empathy is one of the least developed yet most important skills of leaders today. This session will explore what empathy is, what it looks like in practice, and how to develop both cognitive and emotive empathy when working at pace.

Being a Trusted Advisor

Trust is critical to building relationships and securing sponsorship and commitment to your ideas. The purpose of this interactive session is to develop behaviours and actions related to trust, as well as look at how you can use effective consultative sales and service cycles to be a trusted advisor.

Creating a Culture of Compassion & Empathy

Empathy and compassion can drive significant business results and create a more positive culture for all. This session will consider what a compassionate and empathic leadership looks like, and what you can do individually to help your organisation move towards achieving a culture of compassion and empathy.

Company Culture and Purpose

Company culture plays a large part in why people apply to and remain in organisations. This session explores how you can nurture your company culture and retain talent through employee engagement, performance management, recognition, creating psychological safety and connection to company purpose.

Strategic Thinking

This session explores why developing strategic thinking capability is important for leadership in the modern workplace. We look at what strategic thinking looks like in the ‘new normal’ and how to develop this capability through everyday practice.

Building a Culture of Psychological Safety

As a leader creating a safe environment for your people to be themselves is fundamental to inclusive leadership, but we also need to create a culture where colleagues support each other to be open, honest and transparent day to day. In this session we look at best practice to create a culture of  psychological safety.

Crisis Leadership

Organisations go through some form of crisis on a fairly regular basis, and crisis leadership is an important part of leading in today’s world. This session aims to equip leaders with skills and tools for effectively navigating through a crisis.

Ethical Leadership

This session explores the concept of ethical leadership and provides best practice for enabling ethical behaviours in our working and leadership styles in an authentic way.

Disruptive Leadership

It’s easy for leaders to find themselves staying with what they know and what they have seen work in the past. Unfortunately, sticking to your comfort zone does not naturally come with growth. This is about exploring what disruptive leadership looks like for you, how can you practice tools to challenge the status quo, to […]

Authentic Leadership

This session explores the benefits of authenticity in the workplace – how bringing your true self to work can benefit yourself and others. You look deeper at the impact of your leadership style and explore your style intentions versus your style impact.
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