Developing to be Future Ready

Adopting New Systems and Technology

One of the biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic was the ability of organisations and their people to adapt to new working practices, including use of new systems and technology. This session explores when to consider adopting new systems and technology and best practices for adapting.

Hybrid Working for Managers

The global pandemic has accelerated how we work flexibly and from different locations. With different employees opting for different working environments, this session focuses on how managers can consider and enable an effective hybrid working practice and environment for their team.

Working Remotely

This session explores the associated benefits, challenges, and aims to support participants to effectively manage their workload, time and wellbeing when working remotely.

Digitalising your Brand

This session aims to increase your awareness about the digital world and how to develop your online footprint in a way that is aligned to your purpose, your authentic self and your intended brand.

Servant Leadership

This session looks at the what, and how of Servant Leadership. This mindset promotes teamwork and collaboration between every level of an organization. A service leader is someone who provides other team members with the resources to solve complex challenges and work autonomously.

Managing Virtual Teams

This session will help to uncover the benefits and challenges of working within a virtual team and discover tools for becoming an effective online team.