Communicating and Influencing

Building Confidence in Others

We believe ‘Paying it forward’ – sharing your learning, insights and experience with others – is fundamental to the success of training programmes within organisations, but also to support the growth of teams and society as a whole. To help you to help others, this session focuses on best practices for motivating and building confidence […]

Maintaining your Virtual Network

The Covid pandemic has drastically changed the nature of work relationships, and in particular how we build, retain and in some cases resurrect good connections with those around us. Maintaining a virtual network calls for a different approach, to ensure we remain visible and effective in this changing environment.

Managing your External Network

Particularly when working in large organisations, we can become fully focused on our internal networks. This session encourages you to think about your external network as well as your internal network and considers the benefits of widening out your professional connections in order to expand your perspective.

Sharing your Truth

In those moments when we speak our truth, when we feel truly aligned with what we are thinking, feeling and saying, we are at our most powerful.  At times, speaking our truth may be more challenging than at other times.  As we strive to achieve our goals authentically, we want to feel empowered to share […]

Connecting with others

This session will provide an opportunity to identify any challenges or barriers you face when connecting with others and will explore practical tools and techniques to overcome these.


This session spotlights the power of storytelling to capture an audience, inspire them and engage them in your message. We will explore how stories impact colleague engagement and understanding and explore best practices on how to bring a message to life through the use of storytelling.

Handling Emotions

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities our emotions bring, looking at how to better handle conflict and individual reactions.

Gaining Commitment through Influencing

This session aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the core principles involved in complex stakeholder management, based on developing competency in empathy, listening and questioning skills. It will explore the impact influencing will have on gaining buy-in to maximise engagement and deliver results.

Speed Negotiations

This session explores the core principles of effective negotiation and will help you develop a clear strategy for personal negotiation at work around areas such as pay, workload and performance reviews.

Managing Organisational Politics

This session looks at what creates politics within organisations and provides you with various models and techniques for understanding and managing politics positively – making politics work for you.
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